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A cartoon professor where graduation cap pointing at whiteboard.

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I cannot believe how painstaking and patient this was. I needed a tutorial with every keystroke explained. EVERYONE else wants to breeze through this stuff. For context, I'm blind, and I followed this entire thing completely. I don't know if blind people are who you had in mind, but this was phenomenal. I want you to teach me everything now! Now I'm wondering about using structured references in formulas like COUNTA and COUNTIF where I reference a whol column At least I have the confidence now to take a shot at it."

"You are wonderful at explaining. Thank you!"


"Simple and Genius - You solved my problem just like that. Thank you."

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"Of all the videos I've watched yours is the best. "

"I wish your videos got a four star reivew, because your content is great and of course, 4 is not enough. "

"Amazing "