Thumbnail of Excel Treemap Chart videoThumbnail of Excel Treemap Chart video

Excel Chart Videos

Thumbnail for an Excel Sunburst Chart VideoThumbnail for an Excel Sunburst Chart Video

The Sunburst chart is a hierarchy chart used to analyze data. It provides a visual representation of each category's value compared to the whole. The chart is broken down into Sunburst pie slices. It is often used in business and finance and for data analysis. Learn how to give it a 3D look.

Explore the concept of Treemap charts in Excel and their applications in data analysis. Use to analyze profit distributions. Follow along as we demonstrate how to create a tree map chart in Excel, customize its appearance, and apply filters to highlight specific data points. The Treemap chart provides an organized way to show the different parts of a whole using Treemap rectangle sizes and how they relate to each other.

Excel and other Videos

A man in the fog holding a camera for a link to the video for Excel's camera tool.A man in the fog holding a camera for a link to the video for Excel's camera tool.

This tutorial shows you how to add the secret Excel Camera Tool to your Quick Access Toolbar or Ribbon. Combine text, charts, graphics, WordArt, SmartArt, data, etc. to create a picture that you can use in your presentations, videos, slide shows, other programs and so on.

A cartoon character of a goat used in the video for teaching Excel Goal Seek.A cartoon character of a goat used in the video for teaching Excel Goal Seek.

Use Excel's Goal Seek to solve for any unknown value by specifying a desired outcome. With Goal Seek, you can determine the input needed to achieve a specific result. Whether it's finding the necessary sales figure to reach a target profit or determining the interest rate required to pay off a loan within a certain period, Goal Seek can help solve these problems quickly and efficiently. It can also solve Algebra problems.

ScreenSaver Videos of Great Beauty

Thumbnail for Excel Structured References videoThumbnail for Excel Structured References video
Thumbnail for a video instructing how to add pictures to ExcelThumbnail for a video instructing how to add pictures to Excel
Thumbnail of Excel Random Number Generator videoThumbnail of Excel Random Number Generator video

How to use Excel Structured References both in tables and out of tables. Use Structured Reference to perform math functions on multiple tables. Use Excel Structures to copy all or part of a table. Learn how to use Structured References to copy a portion of a table such as a row, column, headers, totals, etc.

Create random values in Excel with three different functions. Learn how to handle duplicate values and use random values to select items from a list. Invaluable for saving substantial time during the testing of Excel features and functions, allowing for the swift creation of sample data. Get the benefit of creating arbitrary selections of items or individuals. Use it to randomly select employees for drug testing or items from the production line for quality assurance testing.

Van Gogh's painting of a sunflower with a black backgroundVan Gogh's painting of a sunflower with a black background

Learn the amazing unknown way to add pictures to Excel without the hassle of adjusting cells. Insert pictures into Notes. With this quick and easy method, you can hide and show pictures whenever you want, without taking up any cell space. Say goodbye to the impracticality of Excel's built-in image feature and embrace this more practical solution.

In this calming screensaver, you will be able to view pictures taken directly from the original art of the most famous painters Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Renoir, Manet, Gauguin, Bonheur, Seurat, Courbet, Bougureau, Frederic, Cot, and Lhermitte in 4k video. This screensaver is a perfect way to relax and learn about art history from the descriptions. You can see each paint stroke. 47 works of Art. Whether you're a fan of art history or just want to relax after a long day, this picture screensaver is a great way to do both!

beautiful flowers with the words beautiful flowersbeautiful flowers with the words beautiful flowers

Natures Bounty - Most Beautiful Flower Images in 4K that can be used as TV Screensaver or just to relax by. Shot in 5K. Lower your blood pressure. Peaceful and calming sit back and enjoy. Each Image is 4 minutes or less.

Image of Carlsbad CavernsImage of Carlsbad Caverns

Exploring the amazing Carlsbad Cave and the Canyon Drive in 4K Video. Shot in 5K. Stunning beautiful images of Carlsbad Cave and the Canyon drive from and to it. Use as TV screensaver. Each image plays for 5 minutes. Also great for just watching images of Carlsbad Cave. See the most beautiful stalagmites and stalactites! Relax and enjoy. Peaceful and calming sit back and enjoy.

Educational Self Quiz Videos

Thumbnail for U.S. Geography Quiz VideoThumbnail for U.S. Geography Quiz Video

U.S. Geography Quiz Game - how much do you really know? Quiz yourself to find out. Quiz yourself on these 25 U.S. Geography questions. Each question displays a picture of the geographic location. Expand your knowledge. Have fun while you learn.

thumbnail for Excel Goal Chart videothumbnail for Excel Goal Chart video

Maximize your business or organization's success with the Excel Goal Chart! Learn the ins and outs of creating an effective Goal Chart using dollar values or percentages to visually track progress. Whether you're presenting in meetings, updating your website, or sharing insights on boards, the Goal Chart is your key to transparent and engaging goal tracking. Elevate your achievements and keep your team informed about their proximity to targets using this powerful Excel tool.

Thumbnail for Quiz Game - Where am I  - Image of World MapThumbnail for Quiz Game - Where am I  - Image of World Map

Embark on a thrilling adventure with our 'Where Am I?' quiz game! Test your geographical knowledge through 30 multiple-choice questions that challenge your wits and quick thinking.

Thumbnail for Waterfall Chart videoThumbnail for Waterfall Chart video
Thumbnail for Excel Pie to Pie Chart VideoThumbnail for Excel Pie to Pie Chart Video

Learn how to use the power of waterfall charts, an insightful tool revealing running totals by tracking additions and subtractions. Uncover the dynamics of your Income Statements year over year, effortlessly visualizing the components influencing your net income. Easily interpret the transformations from one year to the next.

Learn how to create a visually compelling method of representing your data in an Excel Pie of Pie Chart or a Pie of Bar Chart. Learn how to create and customize Pie of Pie and Bar of Pie charts to make small items visible and split categories. Discover how to view percentages and values, move segments, and even explode charts..

Thumbnail for Pictograph Chart VideoThumbnail for Pictograph Chart Video

Dive into my comprehensive tutorial on creating captivating Pictograph Charts! Designed to empower educators, marketers, and professionals alike, this step-by-step guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to craft visually stunning charts that motivate, inspire, and engage your audience. I'll walk you through each stage of the creation process, providing actionable tips and tricks along the way to ensure your charts shine.