Excel Camera Feature - Converts Text, and Objects into Pictures

Excel has a Camera feature that can be added to Excel's Quick Access Toobar or to the Ribbon.  The camera can be used to take a picture of an area that you select on the spreadsheet.  After you have taken the picture, you draw out an area on the spreadsheet where you want the captured image displayed.  Since the area you have drawn out is a picture, you can apply any of Excel's picture properties to it.

Add the Camera option to Excel's Quick Access Toolbar by clicking on the Ribbon's File tab, then selecting Options in the left pane.   The Excel Options dialog box opens.   Select (1) Quick Access Toolbar, (2) Commands Not in the Ribbon, (3) Camera, (4) Add button, (5) OK button.

Get Camera Option from Quick Access Toolbar options


Steps to Using Excel Camera

  1. Select the Area you want to create a picture of
  2. Click on the Camera
  3. Drag out the area where you want the image
  4. Change the size if you wish
  5. Apply any Picture effects and make any changes to Picture properties that you wish

Video showing how to use Excel Camera feature

Convert More than just Text into a Picture

Maybe you have an image that you want to associate with text.  You can combine them into a single picture using the camera.  You can also turn your WordArt and SmartArt into images so that you apply even more effects to them.

Note:  You can remove the gridlines by selecting the cells then clicking on the paintbucket and selecting the color white.

Video that illustrates using the Excel Camera