Place Pictures in Excel Comments

Placing images in cells can be difficult and most of the time impractical. You have to readjust all of the rows and columns. Your images need to be the same size unless you are going to adjust every row and column differently. Placing images in a comment is much more practical. When you place an image in a comment there is no need to adjust the rows and columns. The images are displayed only when you want them to show. You can use pictures of individuals to identify them. Spreadsheet data very often contains product and part number ids. Wouldn't it be nice to have a picture of that product or part number to associate with that id so that you know instantly what it is?

Exercise for Placing images in Excel Comments

  1. Click in the cell where you want to attach a comment.
  2. Click on the Review tab then in the comments group click on the New Comment button or right click on the cell and select Insert Comment. Drag across the name in the comment and press Delete.
  3. Right-click on the border of the comment (cursor should be 4 arrows) then select Format Comment
    Select FormatComment from context menu
    The Format Comment dialog box displays.
    Format Comment dialog box

  4. Click on the Colors and Lines tab. Click on the down arrow for Color then select Fill Effects
    Select Fill Effects from Format Comment dialog box

  5. Click on the Picture tab then click on the Select Picture button.
    Fill Effects dialog box

  6. Locate the picture you want to use then double-click on it.
    Check the Lock picture aspect ratio option.
    Click on the OK button for the Fill Effects dialog box.
    Fill Effects with Picture Selected

  7. Click on the OK button for the Format Comment dialog box.
    A red arrow appears in the upper right corner of the cell. Move your cursor over it to see the image.
    Comment displayed with picture in it