Excel Math & Trig Function - TRUNC Truncate Function

The TRUNC function truncates a number by removing some or all or the decimal positions from a number.

The Syntax for the TRUNC function is:
   = TRUNC(number, [num_digits])

Number is the number you want to truncate.
Num_digits is the number of decimal positions you want the Number to have

The TRUNC function only keeps as many decimal positions as you specify in the Num_digits argument.  If you do not provide a value for the Num_digits argument then all of the decimal portion of a value will be removed.

TRUNC Function Examples
Formula Result   Description
=TRUNC(-3.85,1) -3.8  Removed 1 decimal position
=TRUNC(5.8915,2)    5.89 Removed 2 decimal positions
=TRUNC(-4.1852) -4 Removed all decimal positions because there is no argument for Num_digits   
=TRUNC(3,1) 3 There is no decimal position to remove