Math & Trigonometry Functions

Math & Trigonometry Functions
Math & Trig
ABS Returns the absolute value of a number.
AGGREGATE Returns one of many different aggregates from a list or database
Rounding Functions
     CEILING.MATH Returns a Number Rounded away from Zero to the Nearest Multiple of significance
     FLOOR.MATH Rounds a number down toward zero to the nearest multiple of significance
     INT Rounds a number down to the nearest integer
     EVEN Rounds a decimal number away from zero to the nearest even integer
     ODD Rounds a decimal number away from zero to the nearest odd integer
     ROUND Rounds a number to a specified number of digits
     ROUNDDOWN Always rounds a number down
     ROUNDUP Always rounds a number up
     MROUND Rounds a value to a desired multiple
TRUNC Truncates a number by removing some or all of the decimal portion of a number
MOD Returns the remainder of a division problem
GCD Greatest Common Divisior (Returns the greatest common divisor of two or more integers)
LCM Least Common Multiple (Returns the least common multiple of integers)
POWER Returns the result of a number raised to a power
RANDBETWEEN Generates a Random number between two specified numbers
SIGN Determines the sign of a number then returns a 1 if the number is positive, a zero (0) if the number is 0 and a -1 if the number is negative
SUMSQ Returns the Sum of the Squares
PRODUCT Multiplies all of the numbers given for arguments
SUMPRODUCT Returns the sum of the multiplications of values in corresponding ranges
SQRT Returns the square root of a number
SUBTOTAL Returns the subtotal of the numbers in a column from a list or database
SUM Sums a series of values
SUMIF Used to sum values provided that they meet a condition that you specify
SUMIFS Used to sum values only if multiple conditions are met