Excel Charts - Stock Chart Tutorials


Excel has four different charts dedicated to tracking stocks over a period of time. The names of the charts are:

Stock Chart Example

The data entered into your worksheet must be in the correct order for the type of Stock Chart that you select. For example, if you select the Open-High-Low-Close chart your spreadsheet data would need to be displayed in that same order.

Looking at the High-Low-Close chart below you can see that on June 1 the Low for the stock was 17, the High was 18 and the day closed with the stock at 17.5 (represented by the circle).

Stock Chart for Daily Record

Exercise for Stock Chart

  1. Create a new worksheet named Stocks.
  2. Enter the data as shown below

Data for Stock Chart

The short table above lists the high, low, and closing stock prices for the first day of the month for 6 months.

  1. Select cells A1:D6 then click on the Quick Analysis button at the bottom right. Click on the Charts tab. Excel doesn’t show a Stock Chart. Click on More Charts. Click on the All Charts tab. Select Stock in the left pane. Click on the High-Low-Close chart. Click on the OK button.
High Low Close Stock Chart
  1. In the Charts Layout group click on the Quick Layout button then select Layout 2.

Select Layout 2

  1. In the Charts Styles group click on Styles 8.
The bars on the Chart stretch from the highest price of the day to the lowest price of the day. The circles on the bars represent the closing price.

Stock Chart with Style 8 applied

  1. Click on the Elements button Chart Elements button
  2. Click in the Trendline check box. The Add TrendLine dialog box appears. Select Close. Click on the OK button
  3. Set Trend Line

The Tendline displays showing that there is an upward trend in the stock.

Stock Chart with Trend Line

  1. Click on the chart Elements button. Move cursor over the word Legend. Click on the arrow to the right of Legend. Select bottom.
Legend added to bottom of stock chart

The legend is added to the bottom of the chart.

Stock Chart with Legend